“The doctors and staff of Campbell Chiropractic Wellness Center have been capably and proudly serving the chiropractic and nutritional needs of the Kingwood/Humble area since 1993. As a spine surgeon practicing in the Kingwood/Humble area for many years, I have become familiar with most of the spine care professionals in the region. Drs.Charles Campbell and Scott Pagano are compassionate clinicians, effective diagnosticians and well regarded practitioners.”

David Wimberely, M.D.

Attending Spine Surgeon
Fondren Orthopedic Group

” I have known Drs.Charles Campbell and Scott Pagano for many years and I am impressed with the quality of care that they and their staff provide. We are lucky to have such an excellent clinic in the Kingwood/Humble area.”

Jay Muscat, M.D.

Attending Orthopedic Surgeon
Fondren Orthopedic Group

I suffered with muscle spasm and pain for many years from Dystonia before going to Dr. Campbell. Dr. Campbell has greatly improved my quality of life. I am able to function without the debilitating pain and muscle spasms I had before being treated. Now through maintenance treatments which are painless and only take a few minutes, I am able once again to enjoy life pain free.

Dr. Campbell and his staff are truly the most caring, courteous and personable people I have ever experienced. I continue to highly recommend Dr. Campbell to all my friends and acquaintances.

Carol Barnhill
Kingwood, TX


The pain in my neck and shoulder was almost unbearable. I didn’t know what I was going to do. Even just standing put so much pressure on the nerve that I wanted to cry. Dr. Campbell literally saved me. With his help, the pain was alleviated and I returned to my normal activities. Dr. Campbell is that rare health professional we all hope for and yet so seldom find…knowledgeable, skillful and yet compassionate. He truly cares about your well-being and restoring your health. His leadership is evident in his staff who I found to be friendly, helpful and accommodating. His offices are beautiful and restful in a lovely setting by the lake. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Campbell. You will be so glad you sought his expertise and wonder why you waited. If you live in the Kingwood area, count yourself lucky. If you live elsewhere in Houston, it’s definitely worth the drive!

Sharon Sheppard

Three Herniated Discs in the Cervical Spine

I could not be more satisfied with the level of care I have received at Campbell Chiropractic. I was initially very skeptical about chiropractic treatment, but wanted to start with the least invasive treatment available after a chronic condition worsened due to poor posture at work and involvement in vigorous martial arts exercise. I thought I had pulled muscles in my upper back. However, my condition had deteriorated to the point that pain was radiating from my upper back down my arm, and was accompanied by numbness and severe muscle spasms. When the pain became so severe that I could no longer lie down to sleep at night I knew I needed to seek treatment.

Dr. Campbell assessed my condition, and he made it clear that if we were unable to get results from chiropractic treatment, I might have to consider surgical medical options. (An MRI revealed that I had three herniated cervical discs.) He emphasized that no matter what treatment I sought, that I as the patient was in charge of decision making process. His treatment method was conservative, however, within those parameters he worked aggressively for continuous improvement. I had always been fearful that chiropractic treatment only consisted of violent spine adjustments that could make things worse, but that was not the treatment style of Dr. Campbell. Early on in the treatment he suggested exercises to improve my posture and to prevent future injury, and he always took the time to answer the numerous questions that I had about the mechanism of my condition. The pleasant staff at Campbell Chiropractic made me feel welcome and comfortable, and before long I felt like a member of the family; long wait times were never an issue.

Dr. Campbell knows his stuff. When you combine a top-notch practitioner with a great office staff, you get an impeccable treatment experience, and that is what I found at Campbell Chiropractic.


Testimonials from Dr. Campbell’s
Functional Nutritional Therapy

“I’m tired of being tired!”

“For 20 years, I suffered from fatigue, depression and a general malaise. Dr. Campbell ran laboratory tests and found that my adrenal glands had all but stopped functioning. After beginning the recommended treatment, I saw almost immediate improvement. After two months, I had more energy and enthusiasm than I had as a teenager! I not only have more stamina as a wife and mother, but I’m even planning on attending school next semester to become a reflexologist. Thanks, Dr. C., for giving me a new lease on life!”

Natural Therapies for ADHD:

“My son was diagnosed ADHD and he was put on medication. After a year of treatment I noted the negative effects the medicine was causing him. He improved on his grades at school but he started to loose weight, had difficulty sleeping and was feeling very anxious. We approached Dr Campbell’s office to seek other alternative treatments. After being under his care for four months, my son has gained weight, energy, his sleeping problems have disappear, and he has being able to maintain his grades at school. He religiously takes his supplements and he acknowledges the fact that he feels better when he takes them. I am very glad that we seek out other options and that we were able to find help with Dr.Campbell.” 

“Our son came to Dr. Campbell in April, 2006. He was in high school having trouble with low energy, focus and motivation. This affected his performance in school and his effort at home and at his after school job. Dr. Campbell suggested neurotransmitter testing and we found out that his adrenal gland was stressed and several other neurotransmitters were low. After being on therapy for several weeks, his energy improved. Now, 6 months later he has been extremely successful at his first semester of college. (Texas A&M University) His motivation, concentration and energy have been restored and we are very grateful. It has been such a blessing to see him adjust so well to his new environment and be excited about his major.”

Kingwood, TX