Dr. Charles Campbell, utilizing the principles of The Institute of Functional Medicine, helps patients solve their medical challenges with natural solutions. Traditional Medicine focuses on treating the symptom while Functional Medicine focuses on finding and resolving the cause of the symptom. Dr. Campbell incorporates traditional and non-traditional testing to discover the origin of the disease or dysfunction. This results in personalized patient specific treatment protocols.

Just some of the conditions that have been helped:

General Fatigue and Mental FogginessThyroid Disorders
PMS and Menopausal SymptomsADHD/ADD
Hormonal ImbalancesDepression
DiabetesFood Intolerance
Rheumatoid ArthritisGluten Sensitivity (Celiac Disease)
High Blood PressureIrritable Bowel Syndrome
Erectile DysfunctionSuppressed Immune System (Frequent Illness)
Adrenal Disorders

From 20 years of study and experience, Dr. Campbell has selected the most research supported therapies utilizing botanical medicines, bio-identical hormones, nutritional supplements, therapeutic diets and detoxification programs to produce personalized natural solutions for his patients.

Dr. Charles Campbell operates Campbell Chiropractic Wellness Center in Kingwood, Texas. He is licensed by the State of Texas to practice Natural Therapies and Nutritional Counseling. He has had postgraduate studies at the Institute of Functional Medicine and is a member the American Association of Integrative Medicine-College of Clinical Nutrition, the American Holistic Health Association and The American Nutraceutical Association.

Campbell Chiropractic Wellness Center

1434 Kingwood Drive


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